Way of thinking

by Eddie Wong July 28th, 2011 No comments

Berlin is really a lively city that full of emotions, which I do think this is part of the reason behind Berlin is a great design city. Emotions do help us to work on design, meanwhile, I will think what is the nature of design? Is there anything else leading me to study design and become a designer in the near future? Is it because I got talent? Is it because I got certain design skills? I got so-called ‘creative mind’? I don’t know, these questions are what I keep thinking and would also like to find out, perhaps someday I will get the answer, but I am pretty sure that the answer is definitely not what I mentioned above. Right this moment, I think the answer is just because I am an emotional boy. To me, design is kind of an emotional stuff, we are all human beings, we got certain emotions and sensations, and we design for all human beings, so it is about emotions and ourselves, in the way. Read more