Gesture Icons for Interaction Design

Our gesture icons for OmniGraffle are now available at Graffletopia.

by Marco Spies November 4th, 2011 1 comment

Today we uploaded an OmniGraffle stencil with gestures for touchscreen, body and mobile interaction. You can download it here at Graffletopia. Feel free to use it in your wireframes or interaction storyboards and let us know if you like it. Suggestions and comments are always welcome. Read more

Social Snap Tags

by Marco Spies October 28th, 2011 No comments

Only recently we have been looking for an alternative to QR Tags, that integrates better with clean branded layouts. Now I came across Spyderlinks Social Snap Tags – a commercial solutions that looks quite handsome (i haven’t tested it yet), but also comes with all the disadvantages that proprietary solutions have Read more

Create Art and Technology

Create Art And Technology: 4. bis 6. November 2011

by Marco Spies October 25th, 2011 No comments

Vom 4. bis 6. November findet Berlin eine Konferenz für Elektronikfrickler jeder Couleur statt, die wir gerne als Sponsor unterstützen. Das ganze wird maßgeblich von Anton von Tinkersoup organisiert, was uns schon alleine Grund ist, dabei zu sein. Hier der Ankündigungstext… Read more

Mens Health style by think moto

Men’s Health digital erfolgreich mit neuem Design

by Marco Spies October 20th, 2011 No comments

In der aktuellen Horizont ist ein Einseiter über unseren Kunden Motor Presse. Demnach hat Motor Presse Stuttgart mit digitalen Medien die Gewinnzone erreicht. “30 Prozent steuern Online-Werbung und E-Commerce von Men’s Health bei”. Der Erfolg des Online Portals geht nicht zuletzt auf den Relaunch Anfang des Jahres zurück, den wir konzeptionell und visuell verantworten durften. Wie uns von Redaktionsseite bestätigt wurde, schlug insbesondere der neu geschaffene Style-Bereich bei Werbekunden ein und übertraf die Erwartungen des Verlags. Read more

think moto auf der qubique in berlin

think moto auf der QUBIQUE vom 26.-29.10. in Berlin

by Marco Spies October 11th, 2011 No comments

Wir freuen uns, dass wir mit unserer iPhone App KOUYOU wieder am Stand des Deutschen Designer Clubs auf der QUBIQUE vertreten sein werden, nachdem wir im Januar bereits auf der Internationalen Möbelmesse in Köln dabei waren. Die QUBIQUE ist eine neue Möbelmesse, die in diesem Jahr erstmals eine Selektion von internationalen Möbelmarken im ehemaligen Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof zeigt.
Read more

Nokia N9 Interface

“How do we build a better phone?” – Peter Skillman on the Nokia N9

by Marco Spies September 2nd, 2011 No comments

I had a very inspiring 1-hour phone interview with Peter Skillman yesterday. Skillman is VP Smart Devices UX Design at Nokia. In our phone call Skillman spoke about the UX Design of the Meego platform for the new Nokia N9, which he was hired for in September 2010. He also spoke about Nokias strategic shift towards a cooperation with Microsoft Windows Phone as the future platform on Nokia smartphones and the conditions needed for changing a product-driven organisation into a user-centered. Read more

“Not everything could also be something.”

by Marco Spies September 2nd, 2011 No comments

Only a few weeks ago I read Harry Harrison and Marvin Minsky’s “The Turing Option” from 1992. The sci-fi epic is situated in 2023 and it is striking how naive the renowned writer and the AI authority were with their forecast of technological development and esp. of interaction paradigms. Digital paper, wireless connections, embedded computing, gesture based interactions… all this has happened much earlier than in the book and to a greater extend than described.

However, if you watch this conversation of  two chatbots it seems that the future of AI foreseen by Harrison and Minsky, is a long way to go from 2011. Nevertheless, the video actually emphasizes the uneasy feeling that I had when reading the book. Somehow, Sven, the robot in “The turing option” is just too perfectly human. Perhaps we should appreciate, these “cleverbots” are not…

Find an English review of the book here.
I actually read the German version of the book.